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20+ Years of Ingersoll Rand Support

The Ingersoll Rand Student Program thrives on providing the best tools at the best price for the future of the automotive, welding, boating and maintenance industries. This program has been and continues to be an added benefit to students in the automotive technology programs, because of the quality, innovation, and cost of the products. “I frequently tell my students a short story about my first air impact gun that I bought over 22 years ago. I am proud to say that I still have it today,” details Harold Santamaria, automotive instructor at Harry S. Truman College. Harold did not know what a good impact gun manufacturer was as a student in an automotive program. “I started doing some research, by asking my automotive instructors, whom I admired and whose opinion I valued, and all of the instructors said ‘Get an IR’: So, I did.” 


Harold’s first Ingersoll Rand purchase was the IR231C. Harold explains, “This IR 231C impact gun has not let me down nor has it been replaced. So, when students ask me for my opinion, I tell them the truth (just like my automotive instructors did) ‘Get an IR.’” Harold tells his students (who have limited resources), “Buy what you can afford, but buy quality.” 


Overall, automotive instructors, including Harold, have credited Ingersoll Rand for having an excellent student tool program, due to the variety of price points offered for everyone’s needs without compromising quality. “I am happy to still see the 231C being produced today and offered at a great price.” For details about our student program and offered kits, please visit our website.

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