New Mini Air Tools

minitools, Ingersoll Rand, 2101XP-QC
We’ve expanded our mini air tool line with the 2101XP-QC ¼” Quick Change Mini Impactool and the 2102XP 3/8” Mini Impactool.

The 2101XP-QC and 2102XP each weigh less than 1.5 pounds and their powerful impact mechanism is engineered to deliver 45 ft-lb of torque where you need it most. Both tools are engineered for lightweight power and balance, and feature a pistol grip design with an easily accessible forward/reverse switch that allows one-handed operation.

Each mini Impactool operates with a five-vane motor that delivers smooth and robust performance. These new mini Impactools are ideal for those hard-to-reach places where conventional tools cannot go, and the 2101XP-QC has a quick change feature that allows for a convenient and trouble-free attachment exchange. Also, like every tool in our mini air tool line, both the 2101XP-QC ¼” and the 2102XP 3/8” come with a complete accessory package.

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