Compressed Natural Gas Reciprocating Compressor

Compressed Natural Gas

For over thirty years, Ingersoll Rand has been the leader in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for the Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) market, providing a wide range of safe, reliable and easy-to-service modular compression packages. Designed for heavy use, Ingersoll Rand CNG compressors provide the quality and performance that are ideal for most NGV applications and users, including: school bus and municipal fleets, forklift applications, utilities and public refueling. The Ingersoll Rand design works well in time fill, buffer fill or fast fill applications.

For parts and service support, please contact Ingersoll Rand’s Master Distributor, P C McKenzie Company, at +1 412 257 8866 or

  • Packages range from 28 scfm to 116 scfm
  • Up to 5000 psig discharge pressure
  • Air-cooled design
  • Simplex and duplex configurations available


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