Do you need a leak assessment?

Your organization is more likely to have ≥ 20% leaks  if it uses:

•  Large number poly-tube connections
•  20 or more flters/lubricators  every 100 hp of air
•  Threaded pipe for drop lines (20 or more for every 100 hp of air)
•  Robotic assembly cells with pneumatic connections
•  Threaded overhead piping
•  Pneumatic connections on moving applications, such as cylinders, indexing
equipment, hand  tools, etc.

Leak volume based on DOE estimates of 10% – 20% of total compressor capacity (low or moderate leak level)

Cost of leaks estimated based on $0.065/kWh and $0.13/kWh x 8,760 h/yr at 4.3 cfm/bhp