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Ingersoll Rand Engine Starting Systems are designed, built and tested to provide optimum performance, right from the start...and throughout the longer life, that is exactly what they deliver. The key to gaining the full value of your investment is to demand Ingersoll Rand Genuine Parts whenever service or maintenance is required. Ingersoll Rand genuine parts represent a real difference, and several factors underscore their real value:


  • Design - Only Ingersoll Rand parts are specifically designed to meet performance requirements of IR starters.
  • Materials - Each Ingersoll Rand part is individually tested to ensure optimum performance.
  • Support - Ingersoll Rand backs all Ingersoll Rand genuine parts with its own warranty and distributor network.
  • The Cost of Quality - Long term savings using Ingersoll Rand Genuine Parts far outweighs the short term savings on alternatives


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See the Real Player video on the Phoenix Starting System.



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