Centac CMC Training

Centac MicroController (CMC)

The equipment used in this course has been evaluated as Hazard Risk Category 2 (HRC-2). In accordance with NFPA 70E standards, HRC-2 rated equipment requires the following PPE for personnel working inside the arc flash boundary: Fire Retardant clothing (rated HRC-2 or 8 cal), rubber gloves + leather gloves, safety glasses, and hard hat with arc face shield.

Attendees must be wearing appropriate protective clothing as specified. For those traveling by air, we can provide a limited number of hard hats with arc face shields if required, rubber/leather gloves and safety glasses. If driving, please bring your own PPE.

Any student who fails to comply will not be allowed in the lab areas for any hands-on training portion of this class.

C451 Customer Centac MicroController (CMC)
2016 Dates: Aug 23-26

Duration: 5 days

  • Days 1 - 3   ⇒   $1,700/person
    Recommended for customers who have the standard CMC software.
  • Days 1 - 4   ⇒   $2,300/person
    Recommmended for customers who have the advanced CMC software.
  • Day 5   ⇒  + $600/person
    Recommended for customers who have the CMC Service Tools software. (Day 5 Only is also an option.) Note: Attendees for Day 5 - Customer must have purchased a licensed copy of the CMC Service Tool software.

Description: This course is designed to introduce technicians and engineers to Centac Controls and the CMC Service Tools software while teaching operation, maintenance, tuning, and troubleshooting basics.


  • Day 1:  CMC control basics; Centac principles of operation, Centac performance curve, CMC control methodologies
  • Day 2:  CMC hardware, user Interface data and settings for limit amp control
  • Day 3:  PID control loops and tuning
  • Day 4:  Ambient control; parallel valve logic, additional advanced features
  • Day 5:  CMC Service Tools Software; installation, software structure, downloading/changing programs, tuning and troubleshooting tools, and additional features only accessible through the Service Tools software

Requirements: Participants are responsibe for bringing laptop computers for the CMC Service Tools Software training. A minimum of one computer for every two people is required.

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