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Ingersoll Rand’s PlannedCARE service program gives you a more cost-effective plan for scheduling and executing all required compressed air equipment services over the course of the year.  It combines the best of schedule maintenance and predictive diagnostics to minimize costly disruptions and keep equipment running smoothly.


With Ingersoll Rand managing the details of your compressed air equipment service, you will be able to Plan On…



  • Consistency: Make it Make it easier to track and execute required maintenance on schedule by leaving it to professionals who appreciate the importance that timely service plays in consistent equipment operation.

  • Reliability: Take advantage of predictive diagnostics – integrated within schedule maintenance visits – to ensure greater reliability.

  • Productivity: Maintain confidence that your compressed air system is running efficiently – thanks to consistent attention from qualified professionals.

  • Flexibility: Don’t be concerned about how long your equipment works or the environment in which it runs.  PlannedCARE provides versatility to accommodate any system.


Run smarter with a better Plan!

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