Ingersoll Rand Non-Drip Nozzles / Hoses

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For general dispense applications, Ingersoll Rand / ARO offers a large variety of non-drip nozzle / hose combinations for motor oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, water and anti-freeze.

629245-2, Nozzle (rigid) w/non-drip tip, Library

Flexible or rigidtube, non-drip tip

Non-drip nozzle/hose

Non-drip nozzle/hose
629516, Non-drip Nozzle / Hose, acc

Non-drip nozzle/hose
629521, Right-angle Nozzle / Hose, acc

Right-angle nozzle/hose
6786 Right-angle Rigid Non-drip Nozzle, acc

Rigid, non-drip nozzle
6786 Right-angle Rigid Non-drip Nozzle, acc

Right-angle, rigid, non-drip nozzle

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