Hercu-Link™ Hoist Series

Hercu-Link, Air Hoist, HA100

Hercu-Link™ Chain Hoist Series

Capacities from 12.5 tons 100 metric tons

Utilizing a modular, versatile, and compact design Hercu-Link™ air chain hoists deliver enhanced safety, strength, and rugged durability to applications that are as demanding as the Hercu-Link™ is tough. Whether it’s a shipyard, nuclear or conventional power generation, construction, or offshore there is a Hercu-Link™ model to perform the job on time, every time, and at a cost efficient price


  • Rugged, Durable, and Versatile Design

    All steel construction. 100% duty cycle. True vertical lift. Fully enclosed, compact planetary gearing. Zinc plated load chain. Corrosion resistant fasteners, All hooks ride on bearings for easier movement under load. Water drains, grease points on all bottom blocks. Hook mount and plain, geared, and motorized trolley configurations available. Wide variety of options available; chain containers. Marine paint coatings. 60 psi (4 bar) application packages. Rack drive. Trolley brakes.

  • Enhanced Safety

    5:1 design factor. Designed to meet ANSI / ASME B30.7 Hoist Standards. Automatic multi-disc, oil bath, motor brake. Upper and lower limit travel switches. Load chain per Din 5684.

  • Powerful Radial Piston Motor

    Superior starting torque compared to vane motors. Excellent proportional control allows precision placement of loads. Robust design thrives in severe environments.

  • Versatile Design

    Hoists are available in hook mount or integrally mounted to a plain, geared, or motorized trolley to minimize headroom. A wide variety of engineered options can be selected including chain containers, marine paint coatings, 60 psi (4 bar) application packages. Rack and pinion drive for trolleys, Emergency stop systems, and air preparation packages.

  • Suitable for Hazardous Explosion Proof Environments

    Air motors (unlike electric motors) are inherently explosion proof. Spark and corrosion resistant versions available. Zinc plated load chain standard.


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