275 lb (125 kg) Capacity Jibs

275 lb (125 kg) Capacity

275 lb (125 kg) Capacity

The 275 lb (125 kg) Capacity jibs are designed & capacity rated to be paired with a 1/8t capacity hoist. These jibs feature 360° rotation and booms up to 16 ft (5 m) long. They utilize precision aluminum ZRA2 rail for a lightweight, easy to move boom with a running surface that has less then 1% rolling resistance. The boom is anodized for a smooth, clean, corrosive-free surface. For custom jibs, low profile jibs, or portable pallet base mounts, consult the factory. Air and electric supply packages are sold separately. Stud anchors or bolts are to be supplied by the customer.


  • Safety

    Meets ANSI B30.11, MH27.2, and AISC Steel Construction Manual

  • Convenience

    Capacity Rating INCLUDES the weight of the lifting device (i.e. a 275 lb jib is designed to support the weight of the hoist PLUS the 1/8t load)

  • Design

    No tie-rod is used in the design, making it ideally suited for low headroom applications

    High load, precision-fit top bearing rides in machined plate & cup

  • Ergonomic

    High impact, tapered rollers are specifically designed for smooth transfer of heavy loads

    Polyurethane-coated steel column resists abrasion and provides a smooth surface for roller wheels

    Anodized aluminum boom make load movement smooth and easy with <1% rolling resistance


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