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ATC Trolley, Trolley, Man Rider, Piston Motor Driven

ATC and ATE Series

The ATC and ATE trolleys earned legendary fame in the great iron and steel foundries of the U.S. Midwest. With all four wheels driven by a powerful piston motor, they develop speeds and tractive forces unequaled in the industry. Speed and creep control is amazing. Now designed to meet ANSI/ASME B30.23, they carry a Man Rider™ rating and can be used to suspend and move bridge retro-fit work platforms.


  • Power

    If there is one word to describe these trolleys, Power is it. The combination of the radial piston motor and the 4-wheel drive traction system creates enormous tractive force.

  • Built like a "Tank"

    This is not an offshore copy of an old design. This is the orginial trolley design with its big, thick ductile iron side plates, cast iron wheels with hardened gear teeth, pinioned drive shafts, and axles and bearings with grease fittings.

  • Safety

    The sheer strenth of design made it easy to rate these as Man Riders™ with a minimum of 8:1 design factor to rated load. Rail sweeps/drop stops are a cast part of the side plate ensuring maximum strength.

  • Performance

    Speed and tractive force define ATC and ATE performance. ATC has a tractive force of 450 lbs (205 kg) with a speed at rated load of 140 fpm (43 m/min). The ATE is has a tractive force of 600 lbs (273 kg) with a speed at rated load of 60 fpm (18 m/min). The live air, piston motor speed control is unmatched.


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