RT Series 1 metric ton maximum capacity

RT010, trolley

RT Series

1/4 - 1 Metric ton Capacity

Cousin to the PT Series trolley, the twin suspension shaft RT Series trolley offers a rigid connection for the MLK, MLKS, and MLKR Series of air chain hoists.

RT Trolleys are supplied as standard equipment for MLK, HLK and Palair hoists when specified.


  • Meets ANSI B30.16 for hoisting requirements - 5:1 safety factor (minimum).
  • All steel construction.
  • Universal wheels fit both flat and tapered beam flanges.
  • Rail sweeps are integral with the side plates.
  • Cast iron wheels roll easily on permanently greased sealed bearings.
  • Tight turning radius.
  • Standard 1 ton trolley fits 2-21/32 - 6 in. flange width.


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