Liftstar® & Pullstar® Winch Series

LS, Liftstar, Air Winch

Liftstar® & Pullstar® Winch Series

660 lb (300 kg) to 22,000 lb (10,000 kg) Capacity

Designed for the demanding conditions found in tough environments with dirty air, these winches feature a low maintenance, highly reliable gear motor with high torque output that translates into smooth starts and stops. Light weight and compact for portability, yet the rugged all ductile iron construction makes it ready to take on your most challenging applications.


  • Separate models for lifting and pulling

    Liftstar® models are designed for lifting applications with a 5:1 design factor. Pullstar® models are designed at 3.5:1 for pulling applications and come standard with a disengaging clutch.

  • Gear Motor offer unique benefits

    Very tolerant of wet, dirty air, this unique motor design has only two moving parts. It has high staring torque which translates into excellent load control characteristics.

  • Rugged and quiet

    Originally designed for the mining industry, the LS and PS winches are very tough and durable. They are made of ductile iron and steel and yet are compact and lightweight. Everything is internal, including the exhaust air path, which reduces noise considerably.

  • Meets worldwide standards

    Liftstar® and Pullstar® winches meet the U.S. standard ASME/ANSI B30.7 and addtionally meet the European standards FEM 9.511 and FEM 1001 for lifitng. The FEM 9.511 establishes a durability rating which is 1Bm.


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