360° Swivel Vacuum Adapters

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360° Swivel Vacuum Adapters

The 360° swivel adapter provides flexibility to the user by allowing a greater range of movement with the sander, without having to untwist the vacuum hose or to re-position the tool because of a tangled vacuum hose. The part number defines the size of the 360 degree swivel vacuum adapter kit.


  • The Kits will come with the swivel attachment assembled to the vacuum adapter tube.

The 360 Degree Swivel Vacuum Adapter Kit part numbers are as follows:

  • 4151-A809A-25 ( for 1” or 25mm vacuum hose)
  • 4151-A809A-28 ( for 1.125” or 28mm vacuum hose)
  • 4151-A809A-32 ( for 1.25” or 32mm vacuum hose)


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