Ingersoll Rand Impact Wrench | 231G

231G 1

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231G- 1/2" Impactool

Maximize your productivity with the powerful 231G ½” Impactool™. You will be amazed by the 500 ft-lb of maximum reverse torque this tool delivers. This tough Ingersoll Rand air impact wrench is great to have around the garage, on the farm, or for any task requiring quick removal of fasteners.


  • Exclusive twin hammer impact mechanism delivers a balanced blow
  • Variable speed trigger gives you the control to adjust the tool’s speed for any kind of project you are working on
  • Ergonomic grip reduces vibration and increases comfort while operating, keeping you on the job longer and finishing tasks quickly
  • Powerful 6-vane motor is durable and tough enough to complete the task at hand
  • Easy to use forward/reverse power regulator allows you to control power in either direction while using the tool

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