Calibration Equipment by Ingersoll Rand


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Experienced tool users know that periodic calibration of precision Air and DC Electric tools is an essential part of any Quality Assurance System. Ingersoll Rand offers its user-friendly Expert Series of Calibration Equipment to meet this essential need.

For users who don’t have the inhouse capabilities or facilities to perform their own tool calibration, Ingersoll Rand also offers calibration service for all brands of precision fastening tools. Call your local distributor or Solution Center for details.


Expert Torque Testers

The EXTT Series Torque Testers are available in four torque ranges with integrated transducers that allow rapid and accurate torque checking of lower torque fastening tools from 0.1 to 30 Nm (1 to 265 in-lbs).

Expert Torque Analyzers

The EXTA Torque Analyzer is designed for use with a broad range of external transducers to dynamically measure and record the torque output of all types of precision fastening tools on an actual joint or on a joint simulator.

Transducers & Joint Simulators

Choose from our wide range of Smart or Industry Standard transducers and joint simulators for use with the EXTA Torque Analyzer or other analyzers on an actual joint or on the workbench.

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