Straight Handle Pulse Tools

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Inline Series Torque Control Pulse Tools

Inline pulse tool with an integral transducer. When connected with a YETC Series Controller this system will provide a "closed loop" torque control system for accurate tightening of bolts and feedback to the operator and plant systems.



    • Twin blade pulse mechanism for compact size, low weight
    • Minimal noise, vibration and reaction for operator comfort
    • Patented cooling system reduces maintenance, extends life
    • Adjustable pulse mechanism provides greater versatility and accuracy
    • Integral audible signal helps operator focus attention on the fastening operations
    • Outboard solenoid valve reduces tool weight, enhances operator convenience


    • Strain gauge is located on tool anvil close to the socket for a more accurate measurement of torque
    • Non-contacting pick-up reduces signal noise, improving torque repeatability
    • Programming and calibration is fast and easy


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