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3/8" Drive

If you're looking for ultimate torque in a small package, look no further than Ingersoll Rand's line of 3/8" Impactools™. Break free frozen bolts faster than you ever thought possible, with the smallest tools in their class.

1/2" Drive

Power, durability, speed - just some of the fundamentals that we design into each of our industry-leading Impactools™. Ingersoll Rand Impactools™ - helping you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

3/4" Drive

When your work demands more power, Ingersoll Rand 3/4" Impactools™ deliver - breaking free large, tough fasteners with 550-1,600 ft-lb of torque.

1" Drive

No strangers to the hardest applications you can find - Ingersoll Rand 1" Impactools™ provide powerful nut busting toque, perfect for breaking free truck lug nuts and frozen bolts. Delivering from 1,100 to 3,250 ft-lb off torque these tools provide enough power for the biggest applications. Pistol grip, D-handle, chainsaw grip and extended anvil models give you the choices you need to match your exact needs in the workplace.
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1-1/2" - 2-1/2" Drive

Proprietary hardening and treatment processes, innovative ergonomic design, and excellence in manufacturing all add up to the longest lasting, hardest hitting impact tools in the business. 1-1/2" to 3-1/2" drive Impactools™ offer up to 50,000 ft-lb of power, for the most demanding applications in the world.

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