Ingersoll Rand | 1207MAX Series Ratchets

65 ft-lb max torque delivers best-in-class power for stubborn fasteners.
Patent-pending forward/reverse collar provides unrestricted access to easily change the direction of the tool, which is critical in tight spaces where traditional tools get jammed.
Variable-speed regulator is hand-operable and gives technicians the ability to easily control performance – perfect for use on a variety of fastener sizes.
360-degree swivel air inlet prevents twisted air hoses.
Fully variable, feather-touch lever gives operators access to all of the performance that lies between Off and On.
Heat-treated ratchet housing offers improved strength to resist head spreading and increase durability
Improved ratchet mechanism resists anvil slippage and provides increased durability.
360-degree adjustable deflector allows users to choose direction of exhuast.
Integrated muffler helps maintain operator comfort by reducing sound without sacrificing power.
Nickel-plated housing provides enhanced corrosion resistance.

Image Gallery - See the 1207MAX in action

Comparable in size to the 109XPA

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1207MAX Series Ratchets

3/8" Drive
1/2" Drive

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