Extended Straight Grinders by Ingersoll

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The Extended Straight air grinders are designed for material removal using a carbide burr, mounted wheel, cone or plug wheel and wire brush wheels. These grinders are used in foundries, welding shops, fabrication facilities, steel mills and shipyards. The Extended Straight grinders are great: for hard to reach areas inside castings; for removing flaws and cracks; and for removing weldment in corners.

Choose tools with enough horsepower to drive the abrasive material you are using, and allow the grinder’s speed to work for you. Only use recommended equipment and adaptors. Inspect grinding wheels closely for any imperfections, damage or broken edges. Use correct size guards, flanges, blotters, spindles and mounting practices to ensure operator safety.

Carbide Burr / Mounted Wheel

Type 1 Wheel

Wire Brush Tool

Cone and Plug Wheel

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