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一些常见的溶剂是油漆稀释剂(甲苯,松节油) ,胶溶剂(丙酮,醋酸甲酯,醋酸乙酯) ,除锈剂(如正己烷,石油醚) ,液体洗涤剂(柑橘萜类)和香水(乙醇) 。英格索兰ARO建议使用可接地的乙缩醛不锈钢材料的构造,用于溶剂输送运用。请参阅我们的化学兼容性指南,或与我们联系。


ARO Air Operated Diaphragm pumps are well suited for your solvent fluid application. They feature a wide selection of available materials of construction and flow rates up to 275 GPM (1,041 LPM).

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ARO Piston Pumps configured with stainless steel fluid ends and Teflon packings are ideal for applications that require higher fluid pressure for the transfer or applying of solvents.

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