Petstar 4

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PET Reciprocating

When unsurpassed performance is required, the PETStar 4 line of reciprocating compressors answers the challenge. Robustly designed and configured in a horizontal layout, the balanced opposed arrangement eliminates vibration and vastly improves reliability. By utilizing four stages of compression, the ratio is carried equally across each cylinder. This further aids in lower operating temperatures across each stage and longer life for valves, rings, and packing. To simplify installation, all PETStars feature a heavy-duty welded steel sub-base. From in-line molding to the largest production requirements, there is a PETStar 4 package to meet your needs.


  • Intercoolers / aftercooler selected for optimal 9-degrees C (15-degrees F) approach temperature
  • Distance pieces feature two compartments ensuring lubricant is isolated from cylinders
  • Three-step capacity control 0-50-100%
  • Advanced CMC main compresor controller with 1,000 event logging capability built-in
  • IP-55 TEFC, 6-pole main drive motor
  • Star-delta main motor starter
  • All components constructed in accordance with world standards and stamped as applicable
  • Available in Basic or Intermediate package configuration with optional piped and mounted dryer and receiver
  • Available rod drop position wear indicators
  • Non-lubricated, 100% oil free, water cooled design
  • Four-stage balanced opposed layout eliminates unwanted vibration
  • All double-acting, heavy-duty class-40 cast iron cylinder construction
  • Sleeve type main and connecting rod bearings
  • Enduralife 16,000 hour rated piston rings and packing
  • Anti-corrosion coating on all system air piping
  • Crankshaft driven main oil pump
  • Electrical driven pre-lubrication system
  • Large cast-in water jackets for dimensional stability under extreme conditions
  • Conservatively designed valves selected to provide extra long-life
  • Lowest interstage temperatures and pressures


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