Winch Solutions

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Detailed descriptions, benefits and product specifications of material handling solutions using Ingersoll Rand winches.

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TitleDescriptionTechnical Data Sheet (.pdf)
MHS-001 50000B25/99050Custom Electric WinchMHS-001_Rev2.pdf
MHS-002 FH10M416MK1/99059Hydraulic Manrider WinchMHS-002_Rev2.pdf
MHS-003 6000B40/00034This flyer discuses a Dual Drum Electric WinchMHS_003_Rev2.pdf
MHS-004 FA2B-MAK/00038This flyer describes a winch with 2 pendentsMHS-004_Rev2.pdf
MHS-006 11000DXP/99091This flyer describes an electric winch with multiple drum divider flanges and drum grooving.MHS-006_Rev2.pdf
MHS-008 BH500B120/01009This flyer describes a direct drive electric winchMHS-008_Rev2.pdf
MHS-009 2400B/00072This flyer describes a winch used to raise and lower loading ramps at ferry terminals with special dog and pawl option.MHS-009_Rev2.pdf
MHS-010 EL21000/00039This flyer describes an electric winch with vector duty motor.MHS-010_Rev2.pdf
MHS-012 FA5MR24MK1G/01004This flyer describes a 3-section drum winch used for raising & lowering the Texas Deck on offshore drilling units.MHS-012_Rev2.pdf
MHS-014 FA2.5AWFS/01085This flyer describes 2 winches mounted in a "waterfall" format, with controls for both winches combined on a single console. Includes raised operator chair.MHS-014_Rev2.pdf
MHS-015 FA2.5MR/3610This flyer describes a winch within a construction cage for ballast pump maintenance.MHS-015_Rev2.pdf
MHS-016 27600DXP/01038This flyer descripes a winch with custom designed grooved drum from concept through final installation.MHS-016-Rev2.pdf
MHS-017 HE2-075GA/04005This flyer describes an electric chain hoist used for positioning a flare boom assembly.MHS-017-Rev2.pdf
MHS-018 Sakhalin II ProjectThis flyer describes the Sakhalin II Project that produced a variety of special hydraulic Man Rider and utility winches.MHS-018_Rev2.pdf
MHS-019 EMR2200/03011This flyer describes a 2200 lbs capacity electric winch to be usedd for personnel lifting.MHS-019_Rev2.pdf
MHS-2009-011 FA2-20/1036This flyer discusses the FA2-20/01036 winch, a Material Handling Solution. Applications and Product Specifications are covered.MHS-2009-011_Rev2.pdf
MHS-2009-022 HL50000/3771This flyer discusses the HL50000/3771 winch, a Material Handling Solution. Applications and Product Specifications are covered.MHS-2009-022_Rev2.pdf
MHS-2009-025 EP19500/3738This flyer discusses the EP19500/3738 winch, a Material Handling Solution. Applications and Product Specifications are covered.MHS-2009-025_Rev2.pdf
MHS-2010-026 HLR5000/D08028AThis flyer describes a HLR winch with two independent drums.MHS-2010-026_Rev3.pdf
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