DC Electric Assembly Tools

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You’ve got a critical job to do, and there are a lot of people counting on you to get it done right. At Ingersoll Rand, we know what’s at stake, too. That’s why we deliver the most innovative and reliable DC electric fastening systems in the industry.


QE Series - Handheld Tools

The Ingersoll Rand QE Series handheld tools take productivity, ergonomics, and reliability to new levels. With angle, inline, push-to-start, offset and motor configurations, four motor platforms, and torque coverage to 400 Nm, our QE Series tools are engineered for enhanced productivity with impressive features.
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QM Series - Fixtured Tools

QM Series DC spindles are the workhorse of your multispindle application. With four platforms that provide broad torque and speed coverage, Ingersoll Rand QM spindles deliver the highest level of performance, durability, and reliability in the industry. The QM3, QM5, QM7, and QM9 platforms are so durable, in fact, that we stopped testing them after three million fault-free cycles.With our QM spindles on your assembly line, you’ll be able to redefine the productivity of your process.
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QMM Series - Fixtured Systems

Fixtured fastening systems involve more than selecting tools from a catalog. They're an inticate matter of linking users, applications and systems to deliver an uncompromised combination of ergonomics, speed, durability and accuracy. The solution: Ingersoll Rand Fixtured Fastening Systems.
IC1D Controller Insight_p001, Library

IC Series - Controllers

The IC12D and IC12M controllers are powerfully precise, fully programmable and can be seamlessly integrated with any QE or QM Series tools to deliver real performance advantages.
IRPS17, Assembly Enterprise, Library

ICS Series - Software

Paired with an Insight ICD or ICM controller and a computer, our groundbreaking ICS Software Suite makes it possible to more precisely control and monitor your fastening process. Optimizing your system is as simple as selecting the software package from the four available that best fits your requirements.

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