Ingersoll Rand ICS Software for DC Electric Fastening Systems

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Paired with an Insight ICD or ICM controller and a computer, our groundbreaking ICS Software Suite makes it possible to more precisely control and monitor your fastening process. Optimizing your system is as simple as selecting the software package from the four available that best fits your requirements.

ICS Connect
ICS Connect provides operators the ability to access and program basic fastening strategies, as well as view cycle data with a single IC12D or IC12M controller via a one-to-one Ethernet connection. ICS Connect is supplied standard with all IC12D and IC12M controllers.

ICS Network
ICS Network enables programming of multiple IC12D and IC12M controllers connected through a local area network (LAN) or direct connection. This option also allows operators to program advanced fastening strategies including yield and prevailing torque control. Finally, ICS Network unlocks the patented TactAlert feature of the QE Series tools that provides the operator with tactile feedback of a tool fault or NOK signal through gentle mechanical oscillation in the grip surface, reducing reliance on visual or audible signals.

ICS Enterprise
ICS Enterprise offers advanced programming and management of a network of up to 500 IC12D or IC12M controllers using QE tools, QM spindles, or multispindle systems. This package includes all elements of ICS Connect, Network, and MultiSync, and also enables ODBC-compliant database archiving, searching, and statistics processing.

ICS MultiSync
The ICS MultiSync package facilitates set-up and control of multispindle systems consisting of up to 100 spindles in groups of up to 40 spindles. This package also offers advanced multispindle fastening strategies, remote monitoring, and data archiving.


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