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YETC-200 Series Controllers

A microprocessor based system that provides accurate torque control when combined with the torque control pulse tools. The system monitors the signals from the tool transducer and then makes decisions based on the parameters that you have programmed into the unit. The system provides a full set of visual, audible, digital and I/O outputs. Eight separate tightening strategies can be preprogrammed and select via line control or switches. The unit features strategies that help identify cross threading, double tightening and high or low torque. The controller also provides "Gang Count" and other advanced tightening strategies.



    • Twin blade pulse mechanism for compact size, low weight
    • Minimal noise, vibration and reaction for operator comfort
    • Patented cooling system reduces maintenance, extends life
    • Adjustable pulse mechanism provides greater versatility
    • Integral audible signal helps operator focus attention on the fastening operations
    • Outboard solenoid valve reduces tool weight, enhances operator convenience


    • Strain gauge is located on tool anvil close to the socket for a more accurate measurement of torque
    • Non-contacting pick-up reduces signal noise, improving torque repeatability
    • Programming and calibration is fast and easy


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