Ingersoll Rand Carbide Bur / Mounted Wheel Grinders

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Revolution Series Straight

Revolution Series Die Grinders offer a 0.33 hp (0.25 kW) to 0.40 hp (0.30 kW) motor at a reasonable price, for light industrial applications.

G1H350PG4M_1, source, library

At 0.40 hp (0.30 kW), the G1-Series packs a lot of power in a small package.
G2H180FG4, g series, grinder

Perfect for big jobs, the G2-Series performs at an impressive 0.80 hp (0.60 kW)

G3-Series 1.35 hp

When the biggest job demands the most power use the G3-Series performing at an impressive 1.35 hp (1.0 kW)


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