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For the professional technician, a set of reliable, hard-hitting tools is essential to maximize productivity. For the ever-money-saving student, high-quality tools may be out of range. Luckily, we, at Ingersoll Rand, provide a very highly discounted student program geared toward the student and instructor.

Shaping the minds of students becomes second nature to instructors. Students rely on their instructor’s advice, decision making, and experience in order to gain insight and practice in the vocational field. Operating an Ingersoll Rand air tool during a tire-changing demonstration can be extremely influential to the naïve student. We offer both students and instructors of automotive, technical and vocational schools an exceptional student program.

Our student program strongly promotes the students and instructors to be Ingersoll Rand brand enthusiasts for life. Our partnership with ABC Tool Distribution LLC provides a variety of kits at significant discounts. “With school-related expenses, many students are not able to afford air tools of any quality,” explains Randy Nussler, an automotive instructor at Midlands Technical College in Columbia, South Carolina. “By providing premium air tools at a large discount, the Ingersoll Rand Student Discount Program has provided great help to students in order to add air tools to their tool sets.”

A variety of promotions, giveaways, trade show participation and celebrity appearances are just some of the perks of signing up for the student program this year. Without a doubt, students are able to buy high-quality Ingersoll Rand tools at such an affordable price when they sign up for our student program.

ESPN analyst and former crew chief, Ray Evernham, is a proud sponsor of the student program. Ray Evernham has a lifelong passion for racing from his start as a vo-tech student to his NASCAR championship with Jeff Gordon. Along the way he’s depended on Ingersoll Rand tools, and you can too with our student program.

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