10 mm Plug-N-Play


10mm Plug-N-Play

A compact, quick response, high flow valve that is modular with plug-in valves without the need to wire for installation. D-Sub and Flat Cable connections make using theses units quick and easy to install and use.


  • Push-In fitting standard, 5/32" & 1/4"
  • High speed responsiveness & flow
  • Less than 12ms response time
  • Low power consumption
  • Plug-In valve, no wiring needed for installation

Modular type manifold

  • Each base is installed individually, so adding or removing another base is simple

Wiring Method

  • Substitute the D-sub connector and Flat Cable connector with ease
  • D-Sub connector or Flat Cable connecttion


  • RoHS, UL, (CE mark in process)

Supply/Exhaust Blocks

  • No limit to the addition of Supply/Exhaust Blocks
  • Dual pressure and Back pressure applications


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