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Polysep 油水分離器

傳統重力分離方式的油水分離器具有良好的分離性能,但是,許多壓縮機中的油液並沒有被完全分離。這些被乳化的油液容易造成活性碳篩檢程式堵塞,並且還會造成安裝在這些活性碳篩檢程式前的預吸附和聚結介質受到污染。而且膠狀的油液堵塞了篩檢程式,從而阻止了大量的冷凝水流經篩檢程式。這種碳層篩檢程式過早失效經常造成油水分離器堵塞。 英格索蘭PolySep 油水分離器是專門設計用於有效分離壓縮機中乳化的冷凝物,而不會使分離篩檢程式芯過早失效以造成堵塞溢出現象的發生。


  • Advanced Separation Capabilities

    Separates polyglycol and other difficult to separate emulsions

  • Multiple Capacities

    Allows for systems that use multiple equipment with different lubricants to be sent to one location for separation

  • Easy to Maintain

    Self contained adsorption modules sized to operate 8,000 hrs/1 year under standard operating conditions and are easy to changeout and dispose of

  • Superior Holding Capacity

    Adsorption module contains special zeolite adsorbent that holds up to four times more than a standard activated carbon filter


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