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3/8" 傳動

如果你正在尋找極限扭矩的小套件,選擇Ingersoll Rand的3/8"衝擊扳手™是最合適不過的。我們的工具是同等級中體積最小的,而釋放擰緊的螺栓的速度之快卻是你難以想像的。

1/2" 傳動

大功率、持久、速度 - 僅僅是我們融入每一工業領導力的氣動衝擊扳手的基本設計。英格索蘭氣動衝擊扳手-幫助您迅速有效地完成作業

3/4" 傳動

當你的工作需要更多動力時,英格索蘭3/4" 衝擊扳手™ 提供了550-1,600 ft-lb 的最大自由扭矩。

1" Drive

No strangers to the hardest applications you can find - Ingersoll Rand 1" Impactools™ provide powerful nut busting toque, perfect for breaking free truck lug nuts and frozen bolts. Delivering from 1,100 to 3,250 ft-lb off torque these tools provide enough power for the biggest applications. Pistol grip, D-handle, chainsaw grip and extended anvil models give you the choices you need to match your exact needs in the workplace.
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1-1/2" - 3-1/2" 傳動

專有的淬水和處理過程,創新的人機工程學設計,加上在歷史悠久行業內最牢固的衝擊工具的卓越的製造。1-1/2" 到 3-1/2" 驅動器的衝擊工具™ 提供了高達 80,000 ft-lb 的功率, 以符合世上最苛刻的要求。


Ingersoll Rand has always offered product to be used in hazardous atmospheres. As well as the standard classic impactools with housings in a special spark resistant alloy, investment in low static spark composite technology has made possible a new range of lightweight Impactools  which are fully certified to classifications EX I M2 c IIB 95°C X and EX II  2 GD c IIB 95°C X under the new European Directives 94/9/EC and 1999/92/EC – commonly known as the ATEX Directives. These are the tool of choice for specialised applications within the petrochem and mining industries, and in any production or processing areas where hazardous atmospheres can occur. 

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