Ingersoll Rand Angle Extended Sanders

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The G-Series sanders have been developed as part of the G-Series finishing tools line for specific uses in service preparation and final finishing application. They are based on the G2 – 0.80 hp (0.60 kW) and G3 - 1.35 hp (1.0 kW) series with a variety of speed offering and accessories for sanding, polishing, blending and smoothing operations. The G-Series models are multi-purpose accessory tools used in aerospace, shipbuilding, utilities, woodworking and furniture production, vehicle and marine assembly and general maintenance.

The Pro-Series 77A offers a powerful 1.50 (1.12kW) hp motor which produces high, efficient performance. A self-locking throttle lever prevents accidental operation and integral steel guard provides extra strength for added operator protection. The low-profile angle head improves close-quarter application with a built in mist lubricator to automatically oil motor when the tool is started.

Your selection and purchase of finishing tools has a direct effect on process and product quality. Your decision can make a difference in finishing efficiency and in the improved quality and durability of finishes. Choose tools with enough horsepower to drive the abrasive material you are using, and allow the tools speed to work for you. Only use recommended equipment and adaptors. Use correct size guards, flanges, blotters, spindles and mounting practices to ensure operator safety.


Perfect for big jobs, the G2-Series performs at an impressive 0.80 hp (0.60 kW).


When the biggest job demands the most power use the G3-Series performing at an impressive 1.35 hp (1.0 kW).

The powerful 1.5 hp (1.12 kW) Pro Series motor produces high efficient performance.

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