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腐蝕性流體包括硝酸,鹽酸,硫酸,氫氧化物,氨和其他化學成分。這些化學品需要適當規格材料構造的泵。英格索蘭ARO泵可在腐蝕性流體中進行最優化性能的配置。材料構造包括不銹鋼、PVDF、鎳基合金、特氟龍和氟橡膠。 請查閱我們的 化學相容指南


ARO Air Operated Diaphragm pumps are well suited for your caustic fluid application. They feature a wide selection of available materials of construction and flow rates up to 275 GPM (1,041LPM).

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ARO Piston Pumps configured with stainless steel fluid ends and Teflon packings are ideal for applications that require higher fluid pressure for applications such as acid etching, high pressure wash, and atomizing of fluid.

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