Oil-Free Rotary Screw Compressors

Ingersoll Rand's range of oil-free rotary screw air compressors includes both the reliable Ingersoll Rand two-stage compression line as well as Ingersoll Rand Nirvana - the world's first true variable-speed drive (VSD) oil-free air compressor.

Quality is not an option, it is essential:

• Regulatory compliance

Strict legislation exists in many countries controlling the use of compressed air in sensitive industries such as Food & Beverage or Pharmaceutical;

• Peace of mind

The use of an oil-free Class 0 certified compressor guarantees contamination-free air and ensures your total peace of mind;

• Reliability and productivity

Top quality air (oil-free Class 0 air & -40°C PDP) protects sensitive downstream equipment, for reliability, low maintenance and long life.

Reduced cost of ownership:

• Compressed air solutions using oil-free technology optimize productivity in your operation;

• Thanks to our patented rotor coating (UltraCoat®), compressor efficiency and reliability are assured throughout their working life;

• Active carbon filters are not required, eliminating the waste of energy in pressure drop;

• Maintenance (CARE agreements);

• Our equipment is designed specifically to make maintenance easy by providing clear access to consumable components.

In addition, our long life Ultracoolant lubricant extends service intervals to 8,000 hours.

Why choose Ingersoll Rand Air oil-free compressors?

History, expertise and dedication to serve our customers is the reason why companies like Nestle, Heineken Saint Gobain or TE Connectivity choose Ingersoll Rand oil-free products.

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Ingersoll Rand PackageCARE

PackageCARE™ is a fixed-cost, no-surprises service contract designed to eliminate the inconvenience with maintaining and servicing your compressed air system.

Ingersoll Rand PlannedCARE

PlannedCARE™ service program gives you a more cost-effective plan for scheduling and executing all required compressed air equipment services over the course of the year.

Ingersoll Rand PartsCARE

PartsCARE™ entitles you to receive genuine OEM parts delivered at an agreed upon price, for your routine maintenance requirements.