Ingersoll Rand High-Efficiency Cycling Dryers

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High-Efficiency Cycling Dryers (42-5,400 m3/hr)

The high-efficiency design and construction of Ingersoll Rand Dec cycling dryers help you achieve better performance, while reducing energy consumption. The patented, high-efficiency heat exchanger combined with a thermal mass circuit helps save energy at any load. With a highly efficient refrigerant compressor that automatically deactivates to save energy and features like microprocessor control and a heavy-duty electronic no-loss (ENL) drain the Ingersoll Rand Dec dryer provides the efficient dry air you need at a lower operating cost.


  • Patented, energy saving heat exchanger
  • Lowest pressure drop in the industry
  • All energy savings readings on control panel
  • Thermal mass cold energy storage reduces dryer compressor run time
  • High quality air with an ISO Class 4 dew point
  • Electronic, no-loss drain eliminates compressed air loss
  • R134a and R407c refrigerants lower energy consumption
  • Compact size
  • Simplified circuit design eliminates thermal expansion valves and fan control switches
  • Factory-installed glycol
  • 5-year warranty with Ultra Care Service


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