PetStar Primary Booster

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PET Primary Booster

Large PET bottle production can often consume great quantities of high and low pressure air. A primary booster system provides flexibility to meet changing demands. The Ingersoll Rand primary booster system provides a modular approach that features a primary compressor augmented by a booster. The primary compressor can be an oil-free rotary or centrifugal compressor matched to your needs, while a two-stage, non-lubricated reciprocating compressor serves as the booster to easily adjust system capacity when demand changes.


  • System capacity can be added independently to each circuit allowing for modular expansion
  • Oversizing the primary compressor is an efficient method of providing low-pressure, oil-free air for plant use
  • A standard low pressure dryer provides dry air and reduces possible freeze-ups due to high pressure condensate removal


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