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ARO pneumatic piston pumps can help increase plant productivity by providing quick container change-over, operator convenience, a cleaner working environment, increased material savings and minimized downtime. Let ARO piston pumps increase your plant productivity, not just once but day after day.


Two-Ball Pumps

Two-ball piston pumps are the most versatile type of piston pump capable of transferring a wide range of low to medium viscosity fluids (0 - 25,000 cPs). ARO two-ball pumps can provide up to 6000 psi fluid pressure and are available in a wide range of packing options to accommodate an array of chemical compatibilities.

Four-Ball Pumps

Four-ball piston pumps are perfect for higher volume and recirculation applications involving low viscosity fluids (0 – 5,000 cPs). ARO four-ball pumps are constructed of stainless steel and are available in a wide range of packing materials to maximize fluid compatibility. Additionally, the plunger rod and cylinder tube are ceramic coated to fight the effects of abrasion and scoring.
650889-XXX, Large Chop Check Pump, Library

Chop-Check Pumps

Chop-check (extrusion) pumps are most frequently utilized in the most difficult of applications, as they are designed to move medium to high viscosity fluids (15,000 to 1,000,000+ cPs) such as caulking, heavy lubricants, mastics, sealers, and inks. ARO extrusion pumps are available in a wide variety of materials of construction to accommodate your pumping needs.

Piston Pump Packages

Packages are available for situations that need more than just a basic pump. Let us play a part in creating a fluid solution for your application needs.

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