Premair Composite

Premair Composite

Premair Composite

With a rugged, composite body construction, the Premair disposable cyliinder is ideal for demanding machine installations and environments, including wet and wash down operations, where traditional metal cylinders are often exposed to corrosion, premature failure and denting.


    Composite Body

    • Patented, Continous Cross-Wound thermo-Set Epoxy is corrosion resistant, dent/wear resistant.
    • Corrosion-resistant, composite construction
    • Dielectric; Non-Conducting
    • Interchangable with all Major Brands
    • Lighter Weight than Metal Cylinders
    • User-Adjustable Port Location
    • Pressure-tested, Prema-Lok Joint fastening for optimum vessel integrity
    • Factory lubricated

    Benefits of the Premair Cylinder

    • Superior wear-Longer service life than metal cylinders, (2 to 3 times as long)
    • Quiet Operation
    • Perfect for wash down applications
    • USDA H1 listed; OK to use in food processing applications
    • Food grade PTFE enriched grease; OK to use in food processing applications


    • Double Acting, Single Rod
    • Single Acting, Spring Return
    • Single Acting, Spring Extend


    • Nose
    • Pivot
    • Double Rod End


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