Series 400

Series 400

Series 400

Utilizing an air cylinder and parallel link design, the 400 series arm is an alternative for reaching in, under and around obstacles. The 400 series parallel link arm is designed to maintain either end effector or tool orientation and allows the operator to effortlessly position a part or tool. The 400 series arms are typically carriage mounted and adaptable to most overhead rail systems. The unit can be easily fitted with a standard or custom end effector depending on the application.


  • Handles offset loads

    Parallel link design is ideal for handling offset loads without any interference from wire rope when reaching into or under obstacles

  • Flexible mounting

    Carriage mounted for overhead rail transfer applications or column mounted for stationary applications

  • Engineered to order

    Parallel link style arms are designed to specific application requirements to provide an optimal solution

  • Optional functionality

    Available with brakes, limit switches, and other optional functionality


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