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Ergonomic Handling Devices & Lift Assists by Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand has been designing standard and custom Handling Device solutions for over 50 years. Whether you call them Handling Devices, End Effectors, or Lift Assists, we offer the most complete range of handling solutions from the simplest to the most complex. These handling devices use vacuum, clamp, probe, trap or hook style designs to handle loads up to 1000 lb. Each solution is designed with operator safety in mind, and ALL devices are designed to meet the ASME B30.20 specification for Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices. Most Ingersoll Rand end effectors come equipped with a safety interlock system that will not allow the operator to accidentally disengage the part during transfer.

In every respect, Ingersoll Rand is an essential part of a more productive ergonomic work place, empowering individuals to work more comfortably and effectively.

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Ergonomic Handling Systems - IRITS-0309-035Ergonomic Handling Systems CatalogIRITS-0309-035-ErgoHandlingSystems_09232013.pdf
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Parts, Operation, and Maintenance Manual, SBHBundle HandlerMHD56227_ed3.pdf
Parts, Operation, and Maintenance Manual, SBHBundle HandlerMHD56227_ed3-FR.pdf
Parts, Operation, and Maintenance Manual, SBHBundle Handler (German Translation)MHD56227_ed3-DE.pdf
4 Cup Vacuum Ergonomic Handling SystemMHD56280_ed2.pdf
Installation, Operation, and Maintenance, Electric Warehouse Handling Device, English16046195_ed1.pdf
700C/713/720 Manipulator ArmMHD56162.PDF
Rotary Action HandlerMHD56163.PDF
E-Z Torque Tube (Multilingual)MHD56172.PDF
Torque TubeMHD56262.PDF
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