LIFTCHAIN® Hydraulic Hoist

LCH060DIFOC, Hydraulic Hoist, Liftchain

LIFTCHAIN® Hydraulic Hoist

6 to 100 metric ton Lifting Capacity

Providing the execptionally smooth and precise control that hydraulics offer, the LCH series of hoists are available in hook and standard, or low headroom, trolley configurations.

Hydraulic motors and controls are particularly well suited for integration with complex programmable logic control (PLC) systems and other automated applications


  • Rugged, Compact Design and Light Weight

    All steel construction for better durability. Particularly adapted for difficult environments. Insensitive to dust and humidity. 100% duty cycle.

  • Suitable for Hazardous Explosion Proof Environments

    Hydraulic motors (unlike electric motors) are inherently explosion proof. ATEX classification (as per directive EC 94/9/EEC)Standard models are suitable for zone 2. Marking Ex II 3 GD c IIB 135°C X. Optional spark protection package for zone 1. Marking EX II 2 GD c IIB 135°C

  • Automatic Multi Disc Brake

    Fully enclosed for better protection and corrosion resistance. No adjustment required. Maintence free.

  • Overload Protection Device

    Hoist is shut off and brake sets when overload of 125 – 130% is detected. Superior durability compared to mechanical slip clutch which wears and generates damaging heat. Prevents high forces being applied to the hoist and the customer support structure.

  • Upper and Lower Limit Switches

    Integrated in the hoist body for better protection. No adjustment required.

  • Reduced Maintenance

    Innovative modular concept allowing easy inspections and maintenance for major components.

  • Corrosion Resistant Load Chain

    Grade 80 calibrated load chain. Corrosion resistant treated for better protection and longer life. 5:1 design factor for total safety.

  • Smart Design Bottom Blocks

    Bottom hook mounted on ball bearing for easier, smoother turning under load. Water drain hole to drain water from block. External lubrication point for better durability and ease of maintenance.


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