Ingersoll Rand Lever Chain Hoists

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Ingersoll Rand's line of Lever Chain Hoists offers the ultimate in performance, endurance, and safety. Capacities and features make these Lever Chain Hoists perfect for all industrial lifting, pulling, and positioning applications.


  • Meets ASME B30.21 Specifications and HST - 3M standards
    • Designed for 4X the rated load
    • Certification (in box) to 150% of load
    • Functional test on every hoist
  • 3/4 - 6 ton capacities
  • Lightweight, stamped steel construction
  • Easy free chaining operation
  • Grade 100 alloy load chain
  • Bullard bottom hooks available for single fall models

KL150 Kinetic Hoist, Lever Hoist, Kinetic Hoist Series

Engineered for the harshest of environments

KX025 SideKick Hoist, KX Hoist, SideKick Hoist, Lever Hoist, SideKick Series

Small in size, BIG on performance

L5H300, lever hoist, hoist

Our "top of the line" lever chain hoist. The ultimate in performance, endurance, and safety.
SLB150 HoistLever p001

Great performance, great price, great value.


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