GT Series

GT010, trolley

GT Series

Geared 1 - 20 Metric ton Capacity

GT hand geared hook-on style trolley rated for manual or powered hoists having the versatility to fit most types of beams with compatibility to all hoist brands.


  • The 5:1 design factor allows use with both manual or powered hoists. Meets pertinent U.S. (ASME/ANSI and CMAA), Canadian and European standards.
  • The side plates, including the rail sweeps/drop stops, are made of cold formed steel for strength, durability and even load distribution.
  • The wheel axles are "rivet-locked" in place so they will not come loose. They are NOT knurled, welded, or modified bolts.
  • The wheels are cast iron. The "Universal" tread fits either flat or tapered beams.
  • Wheels run on sealed, "Lube-for-Life" ball bearings. Smoother rolling with less effort and maintenance.
  • Wide hanger shaft assemblies allow the standard trolley's to fit almost any I-Beam, H-Beam or patented track beam. Extension shaft kits are stocked.
  • Additional gearing in the 20 ton trolley allows operation by one hand chain.
  • The trolley's are painted black for universal coordination.
  • Shaft extension kits allow standard trolleys to fit almost any S-beam or patented track beam - flange adjustment 8"-13". Please click on "catalog section" for details.


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