Ingersoll Rand Rigid connection trolleys to air chain hoists with capacity of 1/4 to 6 metric tons.

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The RT series ia a twin suspension shaft trolley which allows rigid connection to beam while the TIR series may be used as a hook-on trolley with any hoist. Cousin to the PT series trolley, the RT series has a capacity of 1 metric ton and offers a rigid connection to the MLK, MLKS, and MLKR Series of air chain hoists. The TIR series has a capacity of 1/4 to 6 metric tons and is used in conjunction with HL1000K, HL1500K, HL3000K, HL4500K, and HL6000K air powered hoists.

RT010, trolley

Used with MLK, MLKS and MLKR series of air hoist. Capacity 1/4 to 1 metric ton 550lbs (250 kg) - 2200lbs (1000 kg)

TIR6600, trolley

Capacity 1/4 to 3 metric tons 550lbs (250 kg) - 6600lbs (3000 kg)


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