Force 5i™ Infinity Winch Series

FA10i-24X51-CE, Air Winch, drum guard, Infinity

Infinity Winches

Capacity from 4,400 lbs (2,000 kg) to 22,000 lbs (10,000 kg)

Setting the standards in winch technology with time savings, space savings and enhanced safety, Ingersoll Rand’s line of high quality Infinity air winches are known throughout the world for their rugged dependability and quality in the hard-hat industries.

Featuring internal gear boxes and fabricated frames, Infinity winches can be made in a variety of configuration to suit particular applications. Numerous options, cold weather and type approvals offered. Special applications welcomed.


  • Rugged Compact and Safe Design

    Meets ANSI / ASME B30.7. 5:1 design factor at rated load. Full drum rated line pull. "Lift to shift" winch mounted lever throttle. Minimum 18:1 drum diameter to wire rope diameter ratio reduces wire rope wear. Compact gearbox-in-drum design. Standard operating temperature is 0°C through 60°C. Models have been design reviewed or Type Approved by ABS, DNV and LRS.

  • Suitable for Hazardous Explosion Proof Environments

    Flameproof by design. Air motors (unlike electric motors) are inherently spark resistant. ATEX Classification (as per EC 94/9/EEC). Standard models are suitable for zone 1 and 2.

  • Powerful Radial Piston Air Motor

    Positive starting torque. Infinitely variable speeds. Precision spotting control at slow speeds. Superior reliability in harsh environments.

  • Multiple Brake Configurations

    Manual drum brake standard (FA10i auto disc is standard.) Optional auto drum brake and / or auto disc is available. Ingersoll Rand recommends automatic brakes when winches are used for lifting.


The drawings on this site are for reference only and are subject to change without notice. Please contact Client Services for Certified outline and dimensional drawings for any of our equipment.

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IRITS-0615-061_Infinity Brochure_11Brochure describing line of Infinity WinchesIRITS-0615-061_Infinity Brochure_11.pdf
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IRITS-2013-015_FA2i_Mining_WinchFA2i Mining WinchIRITS-0213-015_Rev2_FA2i_Mining_Winch.pdf
IRITS-0615-063 Infinity_FA5i_FlyerSpecs and technical data for Infinity FA5i FlyerIRITS-0615-064_Infinity_FA5i Flyer.pdf
IRITS-0615-065_Infinity_FA5Ti FlyerBrochure featuring Infinity FA5Ti WinchesIRITS-0615-065_Infinity_FA5Ti Flyer.pdf
IRITS-0615-066_Infinity_FA7i FlyerBrochure featuring Infinity FA7i Winches IRITS-0615-066_Infinity_FA7i Flyer.pdf
IRITS-0615-067_Infinity_FA7Ti FlyerBrochure featuring Infinity FA7Ti WinchesIRITS-0615-067_Infinity_FA7Ti Flyer.pdf
IRITS-0615-068_Infinity_FA10i Flyer FolderSpecs and technical data for Infinity FA10i Air Winch series IRITS-0615-068_Infinity_FA10i Flyer.pdf
IRITS-0615-069_Infinity_Podline/Guideline FlyerSpecs and technical data for Infinity_Podline/Guideline Air Winch series Guideline Flyer.pdf
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FA2iFA2i-*MK1 (optional drum lengths shown)382-31908.pdf
FA2iFA2i-*MK1GJ125 (optional drum lengths shown)382-34483.pdf
FA2iFA2i-*MRMK1-CE (optional drum lengths shown)382-35217.pdf
FA2iFA2i-MR*MK1GJ1235 (optional drum lengths shown)382-35407.pdf
FA2iFA2i-*MK1GJ1235 (optional drum lengths shown)382-35624.pdf
FA2.5iFA2.5i-MR-*MK1 (optional drum lengths shown)382-31856.pdf
FA2.5iFA2.5i-*MK1 (optional drum lengths shown)382-31907.pdf
FA2.5iFA2.5i-*XK1 (optional drum lengths shown)382-32435.pdf
FA2.5iFA2.5i-*MRMK1-CE with top view (optional drum lengths shown)382-35181.pdf
FA2.5iFA2.5i-*MX1GJ1235 (optional drum lengths shown)382-35406.pdf
FA2.5iFA2.5i-*MK1GJ1235Y (optional drum lengths shown)382-35432.pdf
FA5iFA5i-*MX1 (optional drum lengths shown)382-31925.pdf
FA5iFA5i-MR*MK1G (optional drum lengths shown)382-32146.pdf
FA5iFA5i-*MRMK1-CE with top view (optional drum lengths shown)382-35185.pdf
FA7iFA7i-*MK1G (optional drum lengths shown)382-33217.pdf
FA7iFA7i-*XK1G (optional drum lengths shown)382-33233.pdf
FA7TiFA7Ti-*MK1G (optional drum lengths shown)382-33234.pdf
FA7TiFA7Ti-*XK1G (optional drum lengths shown)382-33235.pdf
FA7Ti-PLFA7Ti-PL with Constant Tension Manifold382-35941.pdf
FA10iFA10i-*MK1G with top view (optional drum lengths shown)382-33554.pdf
FA10iFA10i-*XK1G with top view (optional drum lengths shown)382-33555.pdf
FA10iFA10i-24MK1J1235EP with Construction Cage382-35969.pdf
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How To Order Air Winch InfinityHow To Order Air Winch InfinityHowToOrder_AirWinch_Infinity_2.pdf
How To Order Accessories Accu_Trol PendentHow To Order Accessories Accu_Trol PendentHowToOrder_Accessories_Accu-Trol.pdf
How To Order Accessories Electric Over AirHow To Order Accessories Electric Over Air Remote Control SystemHowToOrder_Accessories_EoA.pdf
How To Order Accessories Construction CagesHow To Order Accessories Construction CagesHowToOrder_Accessories_ConstCages.pdf
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Infinity Air Line AccessoriesInfinity Air Line AccessoriesInfinty_Air_Line_Accessories_02282014.pdf
Infinity -CE OptionsInfinity -CE Option ComponentsInfinity_-CE_Options_02282014.pdf
Infinity Drum Wire Rope Storage CapacityInfinity Drum Wire Rope Storage Capacity ChartsInfinity_Drum_Wire_Rope_Storage_Capacity_03202014.pdf
Infinity N4+N5 OptionsInfinity N4+N5 Regulatory RequirementsInfinity_N4_+_N5_Options_02282014.pdf
Infinity OptionsInfinity OptionsInfinity_Options_02282014.pdf
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TitleDescriptionTechnical Data Sheet (.pdf)
Parts Information, FA7i, FA7Ti, FA7Ti-GL, and FA7Ti-PLAir Winch, Infinity SeriesMHD56397_ed1.pdf
Maintenance Information, FA7i, FA7Ti, FA7Ti-GL, and FA7Ti-PLAir Winch, Infinity SeriesMHD56398_ed3.pdf
Parts Information, FA10iAir Winch, Infinity Series MHD56400_ed1.pdf
Maintenance Information, FA10i Air Winch, Infinity SeriesMHD56401_ed3.pdf
Maintenance Information, FA2i and FA2i-MRUtility and Man Rider Air Winch, Infinity SeriesMHD56303_ed2.pdf
Product Information, FA2.5i, FA2.5i-CE, FA5i, FA5i-CE,FA5Ti, and FA5Ti-CEAir Winch, Infinity SeriesMHD56434_ed7.pdf
Product Information, FA7i, FA7i-CE, FA7Ti, FA7Ti-CE, FA7Ti-GL,FA7Ti-GL-CE, FA7Ti-PL and FA7Ti-PL-CEAir Winch, Infinity SeriesMHD56438_ed3.pdf
Maintenance Information, FA2.5i, FA5i, FA5Ti Air Winch, Infinity SeriesMHD56288_ed3.pdf
Parts Information, Utility and Man Rider Air Winch, Infinity SeriesMHD56302_ed2.pdf
Force 5 Infinity Air Winches (FA5i/Ti, FA2.5i) Parts InformationParts Information for FA5i/Ti and FA2.5i infinity air winches.71444269_F.pdf
Installation Instructions-Air Winch Safety TagMHD56268.PDF
Maintenance, FH5i-DCOKERFORCE 5i Hydraulic WinchMHD56375_ed2.pdf
Safety Information, Non-Man Rider Winches, Multi-languageMHD56250_ed5.pdf
K5C2/K5C2-E Control ValveMHD56213_ed7.PDF
ATEX - Pneumatic WinchesP7664_ed3.PDF
FA5i Parts Information, Air Winch, Decoker Infinity SeriesMHD56334_ed1.pdf
MHD56434, Product Info, FA2.5i, FA2.5i-CE, FA5i, FA5i-CE, FA5Ti, and FA5Ti-CEFORCE 5i Air Winch, FA2.5i, FA2.5i-CE, FA5i, FA5i-CE, FA5Ti, and FA5Ti-CEMHD56434_ed6.pdf
MHD56435, Product Info, FA2.5i-MR, FA2.5i-MR-CE, FA5i-MR, and FA5i-MR-CEForce 5i Winches, FA2.5i-MR, FA2.5i-MR-CE, FA5i-MR, and FA5i-MR-CEMHD56435_ed8.pdf
MHD56437, Product Info, FA2i-MR and FA2i-MR-CEForce 5 Infinity Series, FA2i-MR and FA2i-MR-CEMHD56437_ed7.pdf
MHD56438, Product Info, FA7i, FA7i-CE, FA7Ti, FA7Ti-CE, FA7Ti-GL, FA7Ti-GL-CE, FA7Ti-PL and FA7Ti-PL-CEFORCE 5i Air Winch, FA7i, FA7i-CE, FA7Ti, FA7Ti-CE, FA7Ti-GL, FA7Ti-GL-CE, FA7Ti-PL and FA7Ti-PL-CEMHD56438_ed5.pdf
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