Ingersoll Rand | SimplAir® EPL (Easy Pipe Line)

SimplAir® EPL (Easy Pipe Line)

Lowest energy waste system

Intuitive and easy assembly



A 10-year warranty

Due to its leak-free and low pressure drop design - corrose resistant components


No special tools or qualified personnel are required to assemble leak-free SimplAir EPL systems


Patented by Ingersoll Rand, the innovative fitting design simplifies piping system assembly and disassembly, minimizing down times


Our confidence in the proven performance of SimplAir EPL solutions is expressed in our 10-year warranty, so that you can be equally confident of its reliability


The easy-to-install leak-free Ingersoll Rand SimplAir® EPL (Easy Pipe Line) system is your alternative to costly, labor-intensive steel pipe distribution systems for air, inert gas and vacuum lines.

It leverages more than a century of Ingersoll Rand compressed air experience for streamlined installation, uncompromised reliable performance, effortless maintenance, flexibility for future needs, and maximum energy efficiency at the lowest total cost.


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