Ingersoll Rand Electric/Pneumatic Fixtured Drills and Tappers

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The Ingersoll Rand line of fixtured automatic feed drills provide the solution when accurate and repeatable hole-drilling is required. Choose the configuration you need to deliver results time after time.

Bant-A-Matic, Par-A-Matic, and Super Par-A-Matic Drills provide the selection, performance, and degree of precision to automate a wide range of secondary machining applications simply and economically. They utilize compressed air for both the spindle rotation and feed / control functions. The reliable rotary-vane air motor offers high power-to-size performance which minimizes tool size and weight for added machine design flexibility. The tools are easily installed, requiring only simple pneumatic circuitry. They can be used individually or in conjunction with other ARO electric and pneumatic tools.

The Series 34, 54 and 74 models are highly flexible and extremely versatile, offering simple design innovations that put them ahead of other products in their class:

  • An extensive selection of tapping heads, drill chucks, and collets that can be interchanged as applications demand.
  • 20 spindle speeds for optimum performance, driven by an easy-to-access pulley system that can be changed quickly and easily to accommodate new diameters or materials.
  • Compact size (24 inches) and modest weight (30 Ibs.) for flexibility in use and mounting, allowing a maximum number of simultaneous secondary operations.
  • A simple, customer-driven design that includes fewer parts than competitive tools - with less frequent, lower-cost maintenance.
  • A central module for three remote control options - electronic (24V DC), electric (115V AC), and pneumatic allows for easier machine diagnostics.
  • Standard frame motors with dual voltage capabilities (230/460V AC).

Engineering Drawings

8655-B24-A, Lead Screw Tapper

Lead Screw Tappers

8245-B45-2, Self Feed Drill

Self-Feed Drills

8266-A17-2, Self Feed Offset Drill

Self-Feed Offset Drills

8246-D8-2, Clutch Tapping Head

Self-Feed Tappers

8248-B30-2, Self Feed Twin Drill

Self-Feed Twin Drills

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