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The following downloads represent the automatic machining tools produced by Ingersoll Rand. These downloads contain *.exe files which are self extracting. To use after the download has been completed create a directory on your computer's hard drive and copy each executible file that you want to that directory. To unzip the compressed files, simply double click on the *.exe file and each file will self-extract. Please pay close attention to the size of each file in the "file size" heading below.


The index files available below contain tables showing the available tools and accessories. All of the automatic machining tools will be listed in the vertical column to the left. All of the accessories and mountings will be listed in the horizontal row across the top. All accessories that mount to a particular machine tool will be represented by a shaded box.

IndexAutoCAD r12
IndexAutoCAD r13

2d .dxf format CAD files 5.2 MB 50.5 MB
2d .igs format CAD files 10.8 MB 84.3 MB
2d AutoCAD r12 files 4.7 MB 15.1 MB
2d AutoCAD r13 files 7.1 MB 18.0 MB
3d .dxf format CAD files 41.4 MB 174.0 MB
3d .igs format CAD files 73.4 MB 341.0 MB
3d .igs format CAD files 62.9 MB 336.0 MB
3d .igs format CAD files 64.9 MB 335.0 MB
3d AutoCAD r12 files 55.2 MB 134.0 MB
3d AutoCAD r13 files 70.3 MB 175.0 MB
3d AutoCAD r12 xref files 42.7 MB 145.0 MB
3d AutoCAD r13 xref files 54.3 MB 133.0 MB
.dxf format form files 3.9 MB 37.5 MB
.igs format form files 10.5 MB 84.3 MB
AutoCAD r12 form files 3.9 MB 10.3
AutoCAD r13 form files 7.2 MB 24.7 MB
212 MB
778 MB
302 MB
1.1 GB
263 MB
1 GB
In most cases the files available are "read only" files, if you need to modify any of the files you will need to change the file attributes by accessing the file properties.

A note for AutoCAD users:
Please note that there are two files listed as "xref" files(3dxrfr12.exe & 3dxrfr13.exe) which contain drawings with "xref" attachments. These drawings include a base tool with the various accessories shown as "xrefs". The accessories are actually on separate layers that can be turned off and on as required.
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