Ingersoll Rand Handheld Drills

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Compact size, ergonomics, excellent power-to-weight ratios, and durability distinguish the Ingersoll Rand line of air drills for production and maintenance applications. Choose from our broad range of models, including inline, angle, flat head, pistol, and modular drills to meet your exact requirements.

7802 DrillPistol a001

Maintenance / Automotive Drills

Ingersoll Rand air drills are built with your professional application in mind. Industrial quality chucks, powerful air motors, durable gearing and quiet operation provide a tool you can count on to get the job done right. Choose the chuck size you need from the list above and enter the world of high performance drilling.
6LJ1, pistol drill, drill

Production / Assembly

Ingersoll Rand production drills are designed for continuous use in the world’s most demanding industrial applications. These tools are your clear choice when you need to deliver superior hole quality and accuracy at just the right cutting speed shift after shift.

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