Ingersoll Rand Fixtured Tools - QM Series

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QM Series DC spindles are the workhorse of your multispindle application. With four platforms that provide broad torque and speed coverage, Ingersoll Rand QM spindles deliver the highest level of performance, durability, and reliability in the industry. The QM3, QM5, QM7, and QM9 platforms are so durable, in fact, that we stopped testing them after three million fault-free cycles.With our QM spindles on your assembly line, you’ll be able to redefine the productivity of your process through these outstanding features:


  • Torque coverage of 3 to 2500 Nm
  • Better than five percent capability with all four motor platforms
  • Highly durable with limited standard preventive maintenance required
  • All QM spindles run seamlessly on any IC12D or IC12M controller
  • Flexible mounting options include front-mounting or sandwich-mounting for any unit
  • External electronics pod simplifies mounting and connectivity (QM spindles use the same tool cables as the QE Series hand-held tools)
  • Highly configurable platform allows users to select output torque, body style and spindle type to create the perfect tool for the application
  • An onboard PTC monitors the motor temperature and protects the unit from excessive heat
  • Easy to service — no special tools needed
  • CE certified


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